Alex (11 years old)

The following math problem was placed on the board: Find the difference 12.5 - 5 = Alex wrote, one is a decimal the other is a whole number.

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Grace (11 years old)

After reading the story, "Who Moved My Cheese", students were asked to bring in cheese to celebrate the projects they created. One student asked, "Can I bring in wine glasses and grape juice?"

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Sandy (12 years old)

After asking students to gather "I wonders" in their writing notebooks, Sandy wanted to share her ideas... I wonder why the sky is blue I wonder where feelings come from I wonder if there is life on other planets I wonder why Mark Sanchez can't play football

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Caine (11 years old)

Teacher: Why aren't you completing your homework? Student: Because it takes too long and I'd rather play with the cat. -Caine age 11

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Sophia (6 years old)

Sophia, age 6- "Do you have kids?" Celia, age 30= "Not yet." Sophia: "Do you have a husband?" Celia: "Nope, not that yet either." Sophia: "What about a boyfriend?" Celia: "Unfortunately, no." Sophia after pausing for a moment: "I think you're ready."

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Brady (5 years old)

Brady (5) and Maggie (2) are laying next to each other on Maggie's bean bag chair, and Brady whispers to his sister"Maggie, you better be careful because I think Santa is putting you on the NAUGHTY LIST" HAHAHAHA!!! (like he should talk!!)

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Cindy (7 years old)

At the park: "Go away! My mommy told me not to talk to strangers and boys."

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Sarah (3 years old)

Potty training: I like my tiny potty ‘cause it fits me! When I have a big bum like yours, mommy, then I'll use the big potty!

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Yuri (12 years old)

A wise observation: “If mom says ‘no,’ she means it. If dad says ‘no,’ it means maybe.”

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Sherri (11 years old)

“Every time I complain to my mom that I'm bored, she tells me to go clean my room. How is that gonna make me not bored?”

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